Episode 6 - Josh Birk on Summer '14 Highlights

Josh Birk (@joshbirk) is a Developer Evangelist at Salesforce.com and so if you’re listening to this podcast there’s a great chance that you’ve already come across him in your internet adventures. He’s recently started blogging at http://joshbirk.herokuapp.com on a variety of topics and also posts on the Salesfore Developers Blog. In this episode Josh talks to us about: His Background How he arrived at Salesforce via ModelMetrics Using Flex and developing the Flex REST toolkits Summer ’14 release highlights

Episode 5 - Daniel Hoechst with Continuous Integration, Unit Test approaches and Remote Objects

Daniel is a 3 times Salesforce MVP, avid Salesforce user, administrator, and developer. He also helps lead the Salt Lake City area Salesforce User Group. He blogs at http://www.verticalcoder.com/ tweets at https://twitter.com/dhoechst and codes at https://github.com/dhoechst Topics covered How he learned Force.com and the importance of Twitter in the process. Team Development Continuous Integration with Drone.io and BitBucket. Tools for working with git – SourceTree Books for learning git: Pro Git IDE tools – MavensMate/Sublime Remote Objects What you can do with them Changes to Remote Objects coming in Summer ’14 Integrating Salesforce with your Fax Server.

Episode 4 - Carolina Ruiz on Community Building

If you’ve not heard of Carolina Ruiz yet then it can only be assumed that you’ve spent a considerable period offline this year, as she’s one of the two first female Force.com MVPs and a force to be reckoned with. The ever-brilliant Mary Scotton interviewed Carolina in her must read Women In Tech blog series. Carolina works at FinancialForce.com and writes a Salesforce.com development blog in Spanish, called Code and Vogue.

Episode 3 – Andrew Fawcett on Enterprise Development

Andy Fawcett tells us about his journey into the world of Salesforce.com development at FinancialForce, and why he loves prototyping new ideas. Andy is the CTO of FinancialForce.com and maintains an excellent blog at andyinthecloud.com. In this episode we also cover: How he started programming on the BBC Micro Where the famous enterprise patterns come from How patterns apply across many industries these days Do the patterns always apply? Why ‘separation of concerns’ is a key principal Bulkification of all code, not just triggers Why you should build APIs into your applications Apex UML diagrams built using the Tooling API For more information on the enterprise patterns, including a recording and the slides from Andy’s Dreamforce ’13 presentation check out this post on his blog.

Episode 2 - Reid Carlberg and the Internet of Things

Drones and how he integrated it them with Salesforce1 Dreamforce and why he won’t be flying drones at inside How Reid got into Developer Evangelism. Node.js and why he likes it. Why Steven should buy Sublime Text and other favorite text editors The Internet of Things and how Salesforce can fit in. How you can get started with IoT programming at home. How to get started in Salesforce Development as a novice or experienced developer.

Episode 1 - Keir Bowden and Developing for Salesforce1

  Matt and I delighted to get this opportunity to announce something we’ve been talking about among ourselves for quite some time: “Code Coverage: a podcast for Developers on the Salesforce1 Platform”.   The inspiration for this podcast is Jared Miller and Mike Gerholt’s excellent ‘Button Click Admin’ podcast. Like the Button Click Admin our podcast will be in an interview format and feature one or more guests on topics near and dear to the guest’s heart.

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About Code Coverage

  Code Coverage is a podcast for developers on the force.com platform, in each episode we talk to a developer about how they got involved with the platform, what they’re working on, technologies they like and what they consider to be their most ‘creative’ solution. About the Hosts Matt Lacey (@laceysnr) is the Co-Founder of S.P Keasey Trading Co. and Proximity Insight. When not hacking away at all things on the Salesforce Platform Matt tinkers with old Atari computers and works on his first development passion – Games Development.

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Welcome to Code Coverage, a soon-to-be-released podcast focused on content for Force.com developers, where each week we’ll be interviewing a developer from the community. We’ll be talking to some of the most public faces but also those behind the scenes, finding out what their backgrounds are, what they’re doing with the platform and what tools they love to use.