Episode 17 - Passing the Technical Architect Review Board with Andrew Manetakis and Ehsan Mahmoudi

This week its a special episode, a recorded conversation between three Certified Technical Architects from Cloud Sherpas, its Steven and two of his team members Andrew Manetakis and Ehsan Mahmoudi. They discuss their reflections on the Technical Architect Review Board The emotional impact of undertaking the certification. Case study tips. Assessing your readiness and how to prepare yourself. Required experience you should have. Handling the hypothetical. The difference between being an TA and being a Developer.

Kevin O'Hara on Open Source Development and NodeJS

Another week, another Kevin! In this episode of Code Coverage we talk to Kevin O’Hara, CTO of LevelEleven, Force.com MVP and creator of nForce, a NodeJS module for Salesforce integration. Why he loves open source The Salesforce.com products they build at LevelEleven nForce and NodeJS: Dogfooding and finally getting to use it in production himself Promises in the upcoming nForce 1.0 using Bluebird Refactoring and maintaining the source code His thoughts on the recent fork of NodeJS creating io.

Kevin Poorman on Ruby, Angular and Not PHP

Returning to regular programming (pun intended) after the live episodes of Dreamforce, this week we talk to the unstoppable force that is Force.com MVP Kevin Poorman. We got to the end of this episode and still had plenty that we wanted to talk about, so we’re planning to get him back on the show in the near future. After listening to this, we think you’ll be wanting to hear more from Kevin too!

DF14 Special: Episode 12 Tom Patros and AngularJS

Red Argyle Managing Partner Tom Patros gives us the run down on AngularJS one of the hottest JavasScript frameworks for rich desktop and mobile applications. Tom discusses the best ways to get AngularJS and Salesforce working together and gives a background for those new to Angular to help them get started. Direct Download  

Episode 10 - Gaurav Kheterpal and Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

A deep dive into mobile development with Mobile Expert an Appcelerator Titan (MVP) Gaurav Kheterpal. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gauravkheterpal @gauravkheterpal Gaurav will be speaking at Dreamforce, these are his sessions! Find Your Feet on Force.com – A session aimed at newbie force.com developers helping them ramp up on the platform https://success.salesforce.com/Ev_Sessions#/session/a2q30000000hMoQAAU Automated Testing for Salesforce1 Mobile Apps Using the Appium Framework – A session for those looking to automate the testing of Salesforce1 native and hybrid apps https://success.

Episode 9 - Mary Scotton and Diversity in Tech, Dreamforce and the Dev and Admin zones

This week its Mary Scotton (@rockchick322004), Developer Evangelist at Salesforce.com Mary joins us to discuss her Women in Tech  blogging series as well as the broader ‘Diversity in Tech’ landscape. We also cover the new Admin Zone (Sharing space with the Dev Zone), how Admins and Developers can work together and what’s in store for Dreamforce! Note: The Luminary Developer Sessions Mary mentions in the Podcast are now public in Agenda Builder.

Episode 8 - Gary Breavington on OWASP and Security

On this episode of Code Coverage we’re joined by Gary Breavington a Senior Technical Consultant at Extentor Australia. Gary recently did a presentation to the Sydney DUG on OWASP and their Top Ten security risks for web applications. In this episode he talks to us about how those risks apply to Salesforce.com developers. Australian Winter Vs. English Summer What OWASP does The OWASP Top Ten What the platform protects us from Gary also talks about security issues and features that Salesforce.

Episode 7 - Boris Bachovski on the Advanced Developer Certification

Boris Bachovski (@bachovski) is a Senior Salesforce.com Developer with Deloitte Australia, and is an ex-colleague of Matt’s. Boris is an active member of the Salesforce StackExchange site, and he joins us this week to discuss his impressions of the Advanced Developer Certification. Topics discussed include: How to know when you’re ready for the 501 The sign up process, and what dates are what The multiple choice part of the exame How long to spend on the assignment Boris’ experience of the 501 as a whole Hard coding IDs is bad!