Episode 28 - Back From An Unintended Hiatus

We’re still here, and we’re going to be brining more shows in the very near future. In this episode we catch up on things, and get a good overview of Salesforce Shield from Steven.

Episode 27 (The Lost Episode): Kevin Boyle from Gearset and musings on Salesforce Deployments

Kevin Boyle https://twitter.com/kevfromireland from Gearset https://gearset.com/ joins us at …. (gulp) Dreamforce ’15 to talk about Salesforce Deployments and his product as well as other things. Yes, this episode is a bit late. You just won’t believe the story about how this happened. Would you believe Lions and Tigers and bears! Oh My! How about… the dog ate it? Or… would you believe I’m just really slack? Direct Download Listen here:

Episode 26 - DF15 Special. David Liu and sfdc99

Its David Liu creator of the fantastic sfdc99.com talking about his career, helping others, what sfdc99 hopes to achieve for new comers to Salesforce, certification and a whole bunch of things. Recorded at the DF15 Podcast booth. Thanks to Apttus X-Author for sponsoring the show. Part 1.   Part 2. Direct download Part 1. Direct download Part 2.

Episode 24 - Daniel Ballinger on WSDL2Apex, Salesforce bugs, StackExchange and converting from C#

Salesforce MVP Daniel Ballinger talking about winning at StackExchange, the crazy bugs he’s found in Salesforce, FuseIT’s excellent WSDL2Apex replacement, converting from Salesforce to C# and a guide to installing a new stereo in a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/FishOfPrey Read his blog: http://www.fishofprey.com/ See him on StackExchange: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/users/102/daniel-ballinger Download the FuseIT SFDC Explorer: http://www.fuseit.com/Solutions/SFDC-Explorer/Help-WSDL-Parser.aspx How to install a new stereo in a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer: http://www.fishofprey.com/2009/12/installing-new-stereo-in-2003.html Direct Download

Episode 22 - Eliot Harper and ExactTarget Journey Builder

In this episode of Code Coverage we talk to Eliot Harper (@eliotharper), CTO at Digital Logic, a Marketing Services company based in Melbourne, Australia. Eliot describes himself as a customer journey practitioner and is author of Journey Builder Developer’s Guide http://amzn.to/1a9gWNo; an in-depth book on customer journey integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Eliot orientates us to Journey Builder development, covering: * A brief orientation to Salesforce Marketing Cloud * The Customer Journey Revolution * Journey Builder * Customer Journey Applications * Interaction Components * Workflow Document Format (WDF) * Custom Activities

Episode 21 - Chris Duarte on Trailhead

Quick note, Steven had a bit of a technical issue with his microphone in this episode, but we decided to leave it in since it gave us a bit of a laugh. This episode on Code Coverage the wonderful Chris Duarte (@TheChrisDuarte) talks to us about Trailhead. Chris is the Managing Editor of Trailhead at Salesforce, and if you’ve not heard of Trailhead yet then you must be under a serious pile of rocks.

Episode 20 - Peter Knolle on Lightning

In this episode of Code Coverage we chat with Peter Knolle (@PeterKnolle), a Force.com MVP who works for Trifecta Technologies. Peter fills us in on developing components with the new Lightning framework. The topics Peter talks about are: How he had to learn to use declarative development first Where the Lightning Framework has come from How Lightning apps fit in with the platform in general What pieces comprise a Lightning Component Bundle How two way binding makes dynamic interfaces easy to build How Lightning Components interact with Apex and the rest of the system Including other Javascript files and libraries in your components Creating interactions between components What events are, what types there are and how they can be used He also suggests that a great way to get started is with the Lightning Component Developer Guide, and developers should also take a look at the excellent Trailhead, including it’s Lightning Component Module.

Episode 19 - Abhinav Keswani on Heroku

In this episode of Code Coverage we talk to the globe-trotting Abhinav Keswani (@wasabhi), CTO and Co-Founder of Trineo who are an amazing consulting company building products on both Salesforce and Heroku. Trineo was started in New Zealand and now have offices in Christchurch, Auckland, Sydney and Boulder. Abhinav shares with us some of his insights into developing on Heroku, covering: How Trineo got started with Heroku & Salesforce What Heroku actually is The power of Postgres on Heroku Scaling apps on the platform and dyno management Structuring your apps and migrating monolithic apps to it The laws of physics and performance challenges Pricing and monitoring costs  

Episode 18 - Kevin Poorman and the Apex 10 Commandments

Kevin (@codefriar) gives us a count down of the 10, 11,  12 Commandments of Apex Development (We added a few). This is a redux of his (And James Loghry’s @dancinllama) presentation at Dreamforce ’14: http://youtu.be/T01lemqlJRU Direct Download