Kevin Poorman on Ruby, Angular and Not PHP

Returning to regular programming (pun intended) after the live episodes of Dreamforce, this week we talk to the unstoppable force that is MVP Kevin Poorman. We got to the end of this episode and still had plenty that we wanted to talk about, so we’re planning to get him back on the show in the near future. After listening to this, we think you’ll be wanting to hear more from Kevin too!

  • His journey into the ecosystem
  • Why he likes Ruby as a programming language
  • How you can use Ruby to build iOS apps
  • PHP, and why he doesn’t like (talking about) it
  • Angular and ngForce and why they’re a good fit for the platform
  • Ionic, for building Angular apps in a different way
  • His passbook, iBeacon enabled business card for Dreamforce
  • Trailhead, what comes after, and why developers should play to learn
  • The Apex Ten Commandments (slides, session recording)