Episode 6 - Josh Birk on Summer '14 Highlights

Josh Birk (@joshbirk)  is a Developer Evangelist at Salesforce.com and so if you’re listening to this podcast there’s a great chance that you’ve already come across him in your internet adventures. He’s recently started blogging at http://joshbirk.herokuapp.com on a variety of topics and also posts on the Salesfore Developers Blog. In this episode Josh talks to us about:

His Background

  • How he arrived at Salesforce via ModelMetrics
  • Using Flex and developing the Flex REST toolkits

Summer ’14 release highlights

  • Increased API request limits for developers
  • Flex queue for batch job management
  • Approval buttons for Salesforce1
  • Improvements to Remote Objects: Upsert functionality and Apex overrides for CRUD operations
  • The power of Flow
  • The Query Planner tool

Salesforce.com Platform Specifics

  • What GA, Developer Preview, Pilot and Beta mean
  • An introduction to Canvas

Direct Download:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/codecoverge/Episide20620-20Josh20Birk20-20Complete20Mix.mp3