Episode 38 - Jarrod Hunt Bags Developers

In this episode of Code Coverage Steven is off on a bit of a jolly so instead I’m joined by Jarrod Hunt, a long time BA who’s worked in various roles and is all to familiar with the perils of working with developers. We discuss:

  • The upcoming Down Under Dreaming Conference in Sydney
  • Teaching code concepts to admins: what’s useful for them to know
  • The role of BAs sitting between clients and developers
  • What developers could do better from a BA’s point of view

There’s a few surprising (at least to me) lessons for developers in here, and it’s interesting to see that some of the same things developers look for a team member are the same as those that a BA might look for.

If you’re in Australia then grab your ticket for Down Under Dreaming today before they run out. For $50 you can’t go wrong with some excellent topics on the agenda.