Episode 20 - Peter Knolle on Lightning

In this episode of Code Coverage we chat with Peter Knolle (@PeterKnolle), a Force.com MVP who works for Trifecta Technologies. Peter fills us in on developing components with the new Lightning framework.

The topics Peter talks about are:

  • How he had to learn to use declarative development first
  • Where the Lightning Framework has come from
  • How Lightning apps fit in with the platform in general
  • What pieces comprise a Lightning Component Bundle
  • How two way binding makes dynamic interfaces easy to build
  • How Lightning Components interact with Apex and the rest of the system
  • Including other Javascript files and libraries in your components
  • Creating interactions between components
  • What events are, what types there are and how they can be used

He also suggests that a great way to get started is with the Lightning Component Developer Guide, and developers should also take a look at the excellent Trailhead, including it’s Lightning Component Module. Peter also has more great content available on his blog at peterknolle.com, including some more advanced topics such as using inheritance in Lightning Components.

Also, don’t forget that Lightning Week is coming up so find you local event and join in!